Welcome to the Prairie and MORE pics of our progress!

If you've already visited any more of the 'before' pics of "Loft Progress", you've already read my admission -- I am a historic renovation junkie.  The gorgeous old Queen Anne Victorian home my husband and I restored in Denton, Tx...got into the old bloodstream, but GOOD!  So...fast forward to December, 2011, the year we moved back to our ORIGINAL Oklahoma hometown...

Ok now...remember I told you I was going to post pictures of our 'renovation progress'...on this page, it's 2011, and I posted pics of the interior, as it existed before we got started,
as we've 'cleaned up', torn out walls, cut new doorways, etc etc, ....and then as we go forward. 

Enjoy!  Be inspired!  Go buy an old building to ReSToRe!

Save a piece of YOUR America!

I'll be adding MORE PICS very soon!  Check back with us!
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Partial view of the Courthouse from the entry hall ^
< This current doorway will be framed in, the gorgeous woodwork used elsewhere in the loft, and this location will be the 'new home' of the kitchen cooktop and ovens.

The walls to the RIGHT, are a closet that was added in about the 1940s by the office tenants there, and was made from GORgeous old pine floorboards. The unpainted side of the boards...has absolutely beautiful woodgrain. We are saving this wood to use elsewhere in the loft.
^ Handsome Paul, April 1, 2011, taking down the closet pictured ABOVE...the one made of beautiful old pine floorboards.
^ The closet continues to come down...
^ And just LOOK at the beautiful *unpainted* baseboard, original Victorian beauty, that was inside the closet! We've found that everywhere there was a later closet added, the woodword remained unpainted.  This will be cleaned up and moved (because this location would be behind kitchen cabinets) to be used in one of the rooms that will feature all natural/unpainted woodwork.
< Told you it was gorgeous old pine floorboards!  To think that this is what the closet walls were built with...

...more pics of these boards, below...
^ Paul  - proud of his work after taking down the once-closet, revealing the pretty woodwork.  This area is a corner of what will be the kitchen.
^ Any guesses on what kind of work is going on, here in mid-April?  The 'necessities'...aaahh...eventually we'll have a hot shower, sinks that actually run WATER...and all the other..ahem...'must haves'....
^ Here is the old beauty (Queen Anne Victorian, circa 1898) we restored in the
Oak-Hickory Historic District of Denton,TX, after first applying and succeeding in having the home itself designated an Historic Landmark Property...features 7 original mantels, original stained glass, chandeliers, gorgeous woodwork, etc...thus our 'addiction' began...this is the home we completely restored and raised our children in...we'll post other pics of it, from other angles.  It is LITTLE LOFT'S 'parent'...it taught LITTLE LOFT everything we know about historic renovation!

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BEFORE pictures!
Click here to see our awesome AFTER results!
In 2014,

<<  this doorway no longer exists -- the door was removed, the doorway filled in, and it's now the area BEHIND the lovely kitchen mantel / ventahood and

                 ...and this corner >>
heading towards the microwave, houses my gorgeous new white cabinetry, thanks to Dozier Cabinetry, Sanger, TX, and to Paul and good friend and contractor, Jimmy Staggs...

Dozier's built them...Paul and Jimmy installed them!