"The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious."  — John Scully
We've updated our photo gallery of Progress on the Loft -- to showcase the wonderful results first, then click on the links below this photo gallery to go to the loft's former pictures for the original mess we first tackled -- so you can see how far we've come!

Um, we like to refer to that as:

But for now...enjoy

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The loft dining table, looking into the living roomOne of our tablescapes, this for a dinner party honoring the FHS Big Topics Seniors of 2013...The antique armoire in the loft entry, also showing a bit of the vintage-look tin ceiling we added in our entry.This antique door featuring angels in a belfry tched into the frosted glass was actually purchased  from a vintage home in Frederick some 35 years ago.The view of the loft's kitchen mantel / ventahood over the stove -- what a transformation!  The photos of Paul tearing out a closet in the other loft progress pages are in this same area. Wow! We've come so far!The overall view of the loft's large open living and dining rooms....this is looking from the living into the dining, and beyond into the kitchen,library (and master beyond.)A view of the cozy living/parlor area - time for Tea!The loft's original layout lent itself to the master area having this lovely sitting room.  We added the double french doors with beveled glass panes. Here is a wall vignette near the master sitting sofa and fireplace.Here's a shot of the gorgeous columns that Paul and contractor friend Jimmy Staggs put in, to mark the division between our living and dining rooms.My antique Steinway parlor grand piano, a gift from Paul shortly before we moved to Frederick to complete the loft.  This gorgeous creature had to be stored for 7 monhts...and don't ask about the move up the stairs with it! My pride and joy!We were absolutely delighted and honored to be asked to host Oklahoma's Senator Jim Inhofe in his visit to Frederick in March of 2014. Pictured are yours truly and Senator Inhofe. What a nice man!The luncheon guests of some of Frederick's wonderful leaders, seated in our loft's dining room, with Senator Inhofe speaking to us informally about national issues that affect Oklahoma. Again...what an honor!
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