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by Loft Proprietress on 06/11/11

We're getting there!

We have had plumbers, electricians, sheetrockers, helpers, movers, HVAC guys, people helping us salvage the vintage name it...we've had the people there!  And, just so you know, Paul and I have both been working on design (both of us), putting up walls (Paul), picking out fixtures (me) ... and on and on and on.

It is all taking - of course! - longer than we'd hoped - BUT, we've done this before, so we KNEW this would probably happen.  Still, it's been awhile, so we're antsy to get it done.  And of course, things keep adding up...our budget is blown, but it's gotta all be done, so be done it will!

As I type, I'm watching DIY and thinking about all the antique pieces and accessories I'm going to bring into the loft.  I've been mentally cataloguing my 'collections' (of everything!) and trying to decide what goes to the loft, and what stays home.   Making a list, and checking it twice!  At LEAST twice!

The coolest thing that's been happening that old friends and new, in Frederick, have been seeing our 'open door' and coming on upstairs to see what the loft is looking like. Hopefully they're 'catching our vision!'  (NOTE - IT'S A DANGER ZONE UP THERE, lots of *OLD RUSTY* **NAILS** and "STUFF" so PLEASE don't enter without permission, for your own SAFETY'S SAKE - and our SANITY : ).

Till a week or so ago, it still had LOTS of old storage items from the days when my Daddy owned the building, now moved out for him to decide what he'd like to do with those things.  And, the stacks of cool old wood we saved from tearing out some non-original closets (built with GORgeous old floorboard wood!)  have been taken out by some great guys we hired to do some 'heavy lifting' and taken to another location to work on.  The sheetrockers are covering the walls now, so FINALLY...our *vision* is becoming obvious as the rooms take shape!

Our design/floor plan includes an upper entry landing and secure door and entrance, beyond which is our loft ENTRY HALL.  This hallway used to extend almost the full length of the building, 100 ft, but has been modified to accomodate our plan.

 Located in this entry space is what we refer to as the HALL BATH, which is a 3 piece - shower, toilet and corner pedestal sink.  Also, from this entry hall are two large open double doorways, one of which opens onto the LIVING ROOM...a large, open space that flows right into the DINING ROOM, separated only by a low pony wall on each side of the room, topped with a round column we've added, which rises to the ceiling.  This 'frames' the 'entry' to the dining room, nicely. The dining room also opens out to the entry hall via another large double doorway.

(These spaces used to be very closed-off -- offices and 'cubby holes' constructed to serve the purposes of the lawyers, insurance agents, financiers, and others who 'officed' upstairs long ago.  Each office was CLOSED OFF by a heavy wood door and transom, so there WAS no openness.  Now there is!  Sooo cool to look down through that space!  And, before you, we didn't take down any load-bearing walls.  You would not BELIEVE how well-built and sturdy this old building was and is!)

Going on -- We've also included a GRANDCHILDREN'S BEDROOM, which will probably also serve as a craft and hobby room...

Of course there's our KITCHEN - a great u-shaped work space which includes all the necessary appliances in stainless steel, one of which is a Sharp under-counter microwave...looked so cool, and gave us that added upper cabinet space, so we had to try it -never had had an under-counter one before - we'll let you know how it works out!  The kitchen will also have (maybe not right at first...but we'll get there) a great wrap around window seat.  There's also a wonderful walk-in pantry - one bit of our limited storage! 

We also designed the space to include a LIBRARY/STUDY, complete with beautiful mahogany desks and bookshelves, buffet, lounge chairs, all working together to create a very warm, rich atmosphere - enhanced in this room in particular, as here we are restoring the gorgeous vintage woodwork in is original stained color. (Much of the rest of the loft's vintage woodwork is or will be painted.)

There is a combination of exposed brick and plaster on the vintage walls (the brick exterior walls), and the beautiful new smooth 'plaster look" interior sheetrock walls. The interior walls will be a combination of exposed brick, neutral shades of paint, off-white woodwork, along with the beautiful deep wood tones and antiques.

The ENTRY HALL to the MASTER SUITE features a unique, stunning antique door, salvaged from an old Frederick pastor's parsonage years ago.  The lady who lived there (it wasn't a parsonage then) didn't want the door, and sold it to me, and it has lived in EVERY home we've had since then - including the 1898 Queen Anne Victorian home we restored in Denton, TX's Oak-Hickory Historic District. (the home we call the loft's 'parent' -- it got us going on historic renovation!)

That lovely old home, which we bought in 1980 and raised our children in for the next 17 years, featured *8* gorgeous Victorian mantels - they get into your soul - had to have one for the loft.  I finally found one that originally came from an old mansion in FORT WORTH, TEXAS.  Now, since Ft Worth is the place my parents, R.W. and Dorthy Hughes met and married, and since we bought our loft building from my parents, who owned and ran jewelry/china/crystal store was there in this building for 55 years... I felt the Ft Worth mantel was *screaming* 'pick me, pick me!' -- AND it was an easy drive over to pick it up! So (I'm getting ahead of myself here)...we bought it to grace the MASTER SITTING ROOM...which I'm getting to.

Now...back to the ENTRY into the MASTER AREA...

The afore-mentioned  'angel door' is a wonderful Victorian paneled door with ornate carvings, and features an upper window of original frosted glass with angels in a belfry etched as the design -- just perfect for our space!

It opens into the MASTER SUITE ENTRY HALL which will have a console table and mirror (or painting, whatever seems best...when we get to that point!)...and it leads directly into the MASTER SITTING ROOM.

NOW!  To what I was saying...the 'piece de resistance' of this sitting room which adjoins the actual MASTER BEDROOM...has to be that fabulous Victorian mantel. It features grooved columns, candle stands, and a lovely beveled mirror over the mantel, just lovely.  And, like I said, it came from FORT WORTH...can't beat that! Where R.W. and Dorthy met and married...and then their path wound around, and finally led them to FREDERICK, OK!

 The SITTING ROOM will likely include a sofa, chairs, dressing mirror, etc...a place to enjoy the fire, read a book, get dressed.

Double french doors with paned window-lights will open from this room into the MASTER BEDROOM.   Above these double french doors is a transom (transoms will be throughout the loft above any of the remaining doors) - but this one is special.  It is a lovely stained glass piece which I bought there in Frederick from SWEET MAGNOLIA'S ANTIQUES, years ago.  It's home! (or it will be, soon!)

The MASTER BEDROOM also features a beautiful stained glass window - another great find from FORT WORTH, TX, from an architectural salvage place, there.

And of course, ahem, it's quite likely we'll have to 'use the facilities' while we're we've included a MASTER BATH, which will feature a double-sink vanity, a shower, an old Victorian claw-foot bathtub (from our old home on West Oak Street in Denton, TX), and a little toilet alcove.  

Then there's the closet...the master closet, which will back up to and be accessible to the laundry room, which features a tankless water heater.  Always wanted to try one, now we are!

Forgot to mention the grandkids' bedroom also has a we created...Lord knows we'll need one!  I have *stuff* and need closet space!

There is also a beautiful windowed space, which was created when we divided up the once-very-long hallway up there to create an HVAC closet.   In so doing, we *also* created a lovely space accessible from the LIBRARY, which we call the LIBRARY NOOK.  It has a great window and a view of the TILLMAN COUNTY COURTHOUSE, and will be the *perfect spot* to read a book or work on...whatever.

So...are you getting the picture?  We're SO excited! Have always wanted to do a loft, and this one enables us to be in Frederick - where my parents live - to help them through their elder years.  MY HUSBAND ROCKS!  His heart is PURE GOLD...he wants to do this not only for us, but for them.

And so there you have it...till the next time.  Tired of typing, hope I didn't mispell too many words!  : /

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1. Durene said on 6/12/11 - 02:32PM
Paula -- What fun to read all about this adventure!!! I know your parents (and the citizens of Frederick) are delighted, as well. It all sounds gorgeous -- rich and meaningful to so many people. Thank you VERY much for sharing what you are doing. I enjoyed every word, and my imagination's going wild trying to envision it all - especially the Ft Worth purchase...sounds wonderful!! Keep us updated!!!! love you!
2. Loft Proprietress... said on 6/12/11 - 02:34PM
Durene! Thank you! This means you MUST do a road trip from Denton and come up to see it! Love you back, Paula
3. Laura Drumb said on 6/12/11 - 03:43PM
Love this! Always wanted to do something along this line, fun getting to experience it through you all! Hope I get to see the finished product someday soon!

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