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We're Getting There! Oooh...pretty new stuff...

by Loft Proprietress on 01/03/12

Oh, wow, the month we have had.  Thanksgiving and Christmas...did not happen traditionally for us...no big turkey dinner and tabletop done to the max, no Christmas FANTASIA decorating that I normally do....read on to see WHY.   And to see pictures of progress!   Not sure I'm going to be very 'verbally creative' today, but it's TIME for an update.

We have now....MOVED.  That means moving 42 years worth of antiques, art, tableware collections and belongings....in the time-space of about 3 weeks, from Nov 20 - Dec 9, due to the quick sale of our Denton, TX home AND the homebuyers needing very quick possession.  The loft is NOT finished, nor is the golf home renovation finished...so we're currently in 'transition' mode.  Temporary housing! (more on that later!)

We moved...right smack into my Daddy being desperately and seriously ill - hospitalized 3 weeks due to dehydration, kidney failure, and pneumonia - and needing care after his hospitalization. So it's been hectic, to say the least.  He is now doing MUCH better! I am so very grateful to his amazing Dr....and to God.

We have been working on the loft, though.  We have made some AWESOME progress!

Here are several pics of the beautiful Victorian white kitchen cabinets...starting with the 'mantel hood' that will be above the stainless steel gas range:

and the cabinet above the refrigerator opening:

The farm/apron sink opening - with plate rack above:

And a 'not so happy' pic...just part of the damage caused to a new ceiling when our BRAND-SPANKING-NEW ROOF...leaked  : (   ...even after the new roof installers came back to do a 'patch' job...

Paul did finally go on up to the roof himself though, and hopefully applied enough patch to stop the leakage.  We think.

On to a happier note.......a pic of the CORNER of a tile border design that will be in the master bath:

And...some more of the kitchen cabinets once the CARRERA MARBLE counterop was placed...ooooh la la...


 And a closer-up view of the countertop:


And here is my hero, Paul, who can leap tall buildings with a single bound!  Oh Okaaay...it's just that his accomplishments are so many and so unfathomable to most people (how unimaginably long and hard he is willing to work to reach a dream - and never once complain) that I do border on obnoxious when I go on and on about him.   In fact...I just came back in and re-wrote this part, as I was REALLY on my PAUL IS SUPER-MAN soapbox.  So instead of bragging insufferably on all his accomplishments, I'll tell you about his most precious-to-his-own-heart treasure:  He is the finest Daddy'Grandfather/Husband on earth.  He adores his Mother.  He treats my mother and father as if they were his own, and loves and serves them dearly.  He is an amazing, amazing person.  He is 'DADDY PAUL' to the grandchildren...and he is honestly like a 'child whisperer'...they *adore* him.  So there.  Hope that's not TOO over-the-top.  But, as my daughters would say...true dat.

And so....that's about it for today.   Will post more progress...soon.

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