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by Loft Proprietress on 07/26/11

Am I talking about the NFL players and their recent negotiations? (Poor under-paid babies...how do they EVER manage? ; - )    Am I talking about the Dems and Repubs and the USA debt crisis debate? (Don't get me started...and anyway, I'd need a WHOLE LOT MORE 'waaaahs' for *that*...)

No.  It's just me, whining because progress on LITTLE LOFT has reeeeally slowed down, due to the awful heat.  It is 109 degrees at 6 pm today in Frederick, Oklahoma. That is just wrong.  I have never been much of a global warming fan, but this is tempting me.  It's just ridiculous.  Lord of Heaven...please send cooler temperature and rain to these parched lands! 

He will. Eventually. When it DOES cool off, we'll be back on track.

And now - enough whining...here is some GREAT news:  

BIG BIG YAAAAAYY!  We are so excited!  LITTLE LOFT has a NEW ROOF!!

Thanks to ABOVE and BEYOND CONSTRUCTION of Frederick, OK ... Casey Dombrowski, Michelle and Joe Wood and crew...we have a SUPER quality, brand-spanking new roof, that should keep us in the dry for years and years to come...hopefully about 100! :  )

They did a great job, and Michelle was kind enough to share some pics with me, so here are a few:

Here is the CRANE that lifted the STUFF, that went on the ROOF that JOE built.

(and others built it too, but using just one name makes my poem better)

And...here is the VIEW from the top of the ROOF after the CRANE lifted the STUFF to the roof that JOE built.

Next....here is the GUY carrying the STUFF to make the new ROOF where you see such a VIEW from the ROOF that JOE built:

And lastly, here is the GUY whose name is JOE standing on the CRANE that lifted the STUFF to the top of the ROOF that has such a VIEW from this ROOF that JOE built!


Now, for ANOTHER HUGE "YAY!"   Want to tell you about this awesome, awesome fine cabinetry shop near Denton, DOZIER CABINET WORKS, owned by our friend Kevin Dozier - who also created the cabinets for Little Loft's 'parent' - the Queen Anne Victorian we restored in Denton. 

They've sent us the drawings/plans for the NEW KITCHEN CABINETS for LITTLE LOFT!   Oh yes, we are SO pumped, to almost be this far along...first we need to finish several projects, before the cabinets can go in, but the drawings are absolutely wonderful!  We're pumped.  If I can figure out how to do it, I will post the pics...(well, they'll be tweaked some from what you see here, but it will be close).  Ok, here goes:

Nope. Didn't work.  Ok, so I can't post the drawings, but I *can* post an image of the 'general idea' that we're going for in the loft's kitchen, aka white cabinetry (think Victorian vintage kitchen), two tiers of upper cabs with the top ones being paned glass fronts, white carrara marble countertops, farm apron-front sink, wood floors.  Here is a picture I googled/bing-ed and saved, b/c it reminds me of what I want, albeit LITTLE LOFT's kitchen does *not* have this much space - but you get the idea:

So you get the idea.  Our uppers will be taller, with the top glass-front tier, and our floors will be wood.  And about half this size.  : ) And my knobs won't be dark, they'll be...not sure yet.

Hmmmm.   While I'm waiting for the weather to cool off, I've been searching up pictures online that give me inspiration for how to use things I already have, and here is the 'feel' of what I will be shooting for.  Note: These are NOT my things/furnishings, but mine are quite similar, and this is the general 'idea' of the loft.  Think neutral, pastel walls, black and white vintage tilework in the bathrooms, white cabinetry, marble counters, pedestal sinks, wool and needlepoint rugs, antiques. 


(very close to my style)


(love these lines - will also have these Queen Anne lines and some wingbacks)



I *do* love PINK.  And ROSE.  And RASPBERRY.  And IVORY.  And CRYSTAL. 

The tall ceilings, pastel walls, rosey damask, area rug...even the coffee table...have elements of the things we have that will go into the loft.

And, started not to put this one, as these furniture pieces are a bit more bulky and the wood tones are lighter and newer than our more delicate antique ones, but the room colors, and the tufted leather are things I really like.  The wall color here, the buttery gold, is something we'll be using.  And, as I said, I DO LOVE DAMASK:

A little too 'new' for my taste, but the colors, the fringe, the leather...that's what I'm liking.

So.  You get the picture.  The kitchen appliances have been bought and awaiting delivery since we bought them during a Spring SALE...and we're just waiting to get everything ready for them! Big YAY!

Check back with us...it's not ALL about the great roof or the 'look of the loft'...I want to write about the REASON for the loft, and our heart's deepest feelings about WHY we wanted this little haven in our hometown.  And I will.  Soon.

Comments (4)

1. Peggy Duvall said on 7/26/11 - 06:59PM
Oh, Paula every picture idea you're using for the loft is stunning. You have such good taste.
2. Paula said on 7/26/11 - 07:10PM
Peggy...you are one to talk! I've seen pics of that B & B of yours...and for anyone else reading this, it's at http://www.backroadstexas.net/bend-river.htm. You're kind. THANK YOU, we are EXCITED! The pics just show the 'general' feel it will have...we hope!
3. paula said on 7/26/11 - 07:18PM
My friend Peggy has a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Utopia, TX, called BEND o' the RIVER B & B.
4. Virginia said on 7/27/11 - 07:39AM
I just love seeing what you are doing in OK. You have such a gifted way of making your homes uniquely yours. Thanks for reminding us to check your blog-love watching your progress:)

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