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The loft decor is something I've spent ALOT of time thinking about.  Since even BEFORE the days of restoring our Denton, TX 1898 Queen Anne Victorian on a street that was known as "Silk Stocking Row" (it was where so many of the architectural gems of various eras and styles were built)...we have collected alot of antiques over the years. We just love old things --the patina of old wood. Hand-carved curliques.  The smell of freshly oiled wood.  The wavy glass in doors and windows.  The gorgeous details in 100 year old backplates and doorknobs.


So here's a 'sneak preview' of some of the things we'll likely include in the LOFT -- and honestly, some of them might never make it there, they may stay at home.  We'll see.

The top of a lovely old armoire from a Denton antique shop:


A favorite treasure:  An ornate floral Victorian/Edwardian sterling serving fork - I like to collect a variety of patterns as serving pieces, rather than have them match my flatware.  FUN! I have been fortunate to find some lovelies...



I kind of have a 'thing' for needlepoint rugs...


Original Martha Robbins watercolor of my girls, Tracy and Tiffany, on the gingerbread-laden porch of our Victorian home - based on a photography portrait by Don Barnes of Denton -- this was part of a series of large works of Martha's that made the rounds of various art exhibits and galleries in Denton...before we purchased it.  Not sure I can let this one come to the LOFT...I adore it so. We shall see. My children at age 5, almost 6, about two weeks after we bought our historic home in Denton:


 Pretty old PUNCH PAPER MOTTO from Victorian times - I love these old things and have just a few.  Back then, FAITH (Christianity) was something people openly and frequently wrote about, in their novels and poetry, and ladies (and maybe some men, who knows?) did needlework that depicted that faith.  

 A favorite picture frame:


Vintage artist limited edition of the lovely old home we restored in Denton - a gift to Paul and me from Elizabth Lomax, the lovely lady who grew up in the home - she moved there as a child in 1906 and was 79 when she sold us the home she had inherited:

I'm sort of (understatement) a 'dishes freak' -- I blame it on growing up in a jewelry store, looking at all the china patterns the brides chose! -- and this one is OLDE AVESBURY PATTERN, made by Royal Crown Derby, England.  Introduced in 1932, a design taken from an embroidery.   It is *maybe* my FAVE pattern yet!  I LOVE BIRDS!

A closeup of a part of a vintage Madeira tablecloth-

The faucets in the master:

Some of the exposed brick - not finished yet:

A closeup of a corner of a mixed media art piece my daughter Tracy of TRACY WADE ART did for me.  Recognize the picture?  It is the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Frederick, the Victorian one before our current structure - she included it in this painting called 'LOVE' - her gift to me:

The beadboard ceiling in what will be our Study (the whole loft had beadboard, most of it was covered up by old dropped ceiling tiles, which we (Paul) took down:


So there are just a FEW....of MY FAVORITE THINGS... as well as 'raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens'....and all the other lovely things from that song. 

If you were thinking this would be one of those industrial/modern/lots of steel and pipes showing.......noooo.   First of all, that's not my style, and second...well I guess this is related to the first...we're not going to invest in doing that style when we already have this look.  But we WILL have exposed brick in some areas...the old bldg and the things that have been done to it in earlier years isn't going to allow us to remove ALL the plaster....but we will expose as much as we can.  I'm determined!

 Check back, as I'll probably expand THIS blog, rather than write a new one with the same decor theme.

I look forward to using some of these elements, once the LOFT is ready to live in! 

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