by Loft Proprietress on 07/15/11

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We continue to move along with the 'raw materials' that will be incorporated into LITTLE LOFT...based on historically appropriate materials that would have been in a circa 1900 home - in our case, a home in the upstairs of a Victorian era bank building.   (Our building was originally the BANK OF COMMERCE, in it's 'first life', and that bank shut it's doors in 1929 - the year of the notorious stock market crash.)

The living/dining rooms of the loft are ONE HUGE SPACE, however we will have a little 'room divider' type of design on each side, where the two areas meet.  Here are some pictures of ORIGINAL materials salvaged from old Victorian structures up near Chicago:


and another set:

and still another: is a 'room setting' which shows how these would have been used:  (look at the left side of the below photo...) --

And another setting to view the 'columns idea', though our ceilings are much higher, 11' 5" - still it gives you the idea:

AND is the drawing of the two columns we've ordered, to sit atop a short 'divider walls' on each side of the space where our LOFT LIVING meets LOFT FORMAL DINING:

 If you OWN a Victorian /Edwardian era home, original columns like this may be 'old hat' to you, but we are excited to bring to LITTLE LOFT ON THE PRAIRIE's interior upstairs - originally professional offices (lawyers, financiers, insurance agents, etc)  a little taste of the gorgeous interiors of our former home which we restored in Denton, TX:

We're very excited about the materials that are arriving!

Our former historic home, above, had GORgeous original stained glass...and lots of it.  So, it kind of worked it's way into our souls.  You don't 'get over' living with big stained glass antique windows, and watching the shadows of the tree branches dance, lit from behind by the sun in the west.  The one in this home's dining room was especially enchanting.   So we had to find some for the loft!  This stained glass window, purchased at a Fort Worth, TX salvage company, is already installed:


And there is one MORE stained glass window going in - don't have a good pic of it, quite yet.

The terrible heat is slowing everything down, but we're moving along, slowly.  When will LITTLE LOFT be inhabitable? Hmmmm....not sure right now.  It will be whenever it will be. 

We'll keep you updated!

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