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by Loft Proprietress on 06/16/11

So here is the deal...I put the title word 'local' in quotations, because the artist may LIVE here, but the ART is now all over the country!  You may already know it -- but if you didn't, I'm proud to let you know that Frederick, OK (LITTLE LOFT'S hometown)  is the home of JENNY PERRY, a faabulously talented mosaicist.   That's the *real* word for a mosaic artist...and wow, is Jenny wonderful! 

Nationally recognized for her meticulously crafted works of art, and quite a successful businesswoman, Jenny can be found in her studio on MAIN STREET in Frederick, OK...just a stone's throw from LITTLE LOFT.   In fact, I can look out from the LOFT...and see Jenny's studio.  Love that!  She's patiently waiting to come 'have tea' with me in LITTLE LOFT...soon, Jenny...soon!

I can't WAIT to own one of her works...she does these FAB angels that I love...but not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill cheesey angels.  Hers are COOL.   They have ATTITUDE.   I *WANT ONE*.

Just to show you what I mean....check these out:

SO creative!

And...another favorite...

....OH how I love this one...and another:

I know!  I hear you -- you're already wanting to commission Jenny to put together YOUR next fabulous piece of art for YOUR home.   Here's how to contact her:


Then, Dana Greer, a driving and creative force in the Frederick community, is the widow of the late Larry Greer, who was a treasure.  He was a renowned artist, and one of Oklahoma's most acclaimed artists.   One of my favorites is his depiction of the old (now gone) KATY DEPOT in Frederick, which was partially destroyed in the 1973 tornado, and was later moved.  (The Frisco Depot has been restored and is part of the PIONEER HERITAGE TOWNSITE near the Tillman County Courthouse) -- here is the artist's rendition of the old KATY DEPOT:

The ARTS AND HUMANITIES COUNCIL, begun by and still spear-headed by Mrs. Greer...continues to grace the community with concerts, festivals, and other art and music events, which enhance the quality of life in our sweet town!

THANKS TO DANA and her LARRY...and to JENNY...for ALL the aesthetic beauty and enjoyment you've added to Frederick, OK!  We know your art now resides EVERYwhere...and we are proud of you.

And...I can't close a blog on ART without mentioning the lovely OKLAHOMA ARTS INSTITUTE at QUARTZ MOUNTAIN RESORT --

 it is a WONderful offering, showcasing and training budding artists from all over our state.   You'll want to not only find out MORE about how you might be able to attend (or teach), but also on how you might acquire some of the fabulous art from the alumni of this great art institute, right here in SW Oklahoma -only about an hour from LITTLE LOFT'S home of Frederick, OK!  Here's more info:


Hey...are YOU an artist, looking for a lovely place to live/work/open a studio? You'll never find nicer people or a more welcoming community than Frederick, Oklahoma!    We'd love to have you!  AND...as mentioned...you'd be only an hour from the lovely ART INSTITUTE at Quartz Mountain Resort.  Check our LINKS pages to contact our Chamber of Commerce Director, Sharon Bennett.  She'll give you all the info you need!




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1. Andy Hockaday said on 9/2/12 - 10:03AM
I have a Larry Greer original watercolor from 1985. I need some help with the current value. If Dana Greer would contact me I would greatly appreciate it. phone 469 358 0550

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