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It is HOT HOT HOT in Little Loft Land!

by Loft Proprietress on 07/08/11

Work on LITTLE LOFT ON THE PRAIRIE continues...but it has DEFinitely felt the effects of the 100+ (as in 109, 110, 113!) degree heat wave.  Things have slowed down, but our wonderful drywallers have been at it faithfully.  They sometimes come in at 3:00 a.m. and work till 10:00 or so, to beat the heat.  It's just nuts.  Paul and I were there working yesterday, repairing the beadboard (btw, it's HOTTER up by that 11 1/2 foot high ceiling!) and doing some other things in town, and we can verify - it is just CRAZY, STUPID HOT.

I've *always* wondered WHY on earth SW Oklahoma was such an oven in the summertime, when it seemed our city-of-primary-residence -- Denton, TX -- which is further south than Little Loft Land (Frederick, OK) -- is always about 10 degrees cooler.  I don't know.  Maybe it's the topography, maybe it's the air flow, maybe it's all the trees down in Denton...whatever it is, it's not as hot there. But close.

Speaking of PROGRESS on the I said, I want to brag on the drywallers and the fabulous work they are doing.  The LOFT is looking wonderful!  I CAN SEE WALLS!  I know where everything is going now, because I can see the actual sheetrock!  Paul and I have been looking at it on the plans for a good long while now, so of course we knew where each room was, and when he got it framed up, that was even better.  But the sheetrock....helps so much!

CHECK IT OUT:  (below pic is entry hall looking at open LIV & DIN doorways)


AND...standing in the LIV room looking out toward the entry hall through the LIV and DIN doorways...

NEXT is a nice LONG SHOT of the OPENNESS...looking through the LIV, DIN, into the KITCHEN and beyond to the STUDY which Paul is standing...

HERE IS NICE SHOT of the SOUTH WALL of the DINING ROOM...where a nice buffet will one day replace the piles of insulation, we hope...


AND HERE IS A SHOT of the KITCHEN - imagine a dishwasher, sink, gas range w/hood, microwave, refrigerator -- you know -- the usual suspects you'd find in a kitchen...ONE DAY SOON (if it will cool OFF, have mercy!)...


And of course, the HALL BATH...from the doorway, looking into the SHOWER (through a ladder : )

And it will include the other 'amenities', aka pedestal sink and toilet.

NEXT is the MASTER SITTING ROOM...gas fireplace insert framing... (this is where that lovely Victorian mantel and over-mirror - pictured on one of the PROGRESS ON THE LOFT pages - will go...but NO flames, NOT woodburning...)


MASTER BATH, several areas:  Double sink vanity area, toilet nook, clawfoot that order:

 (but this old toilet is not the one we're using...ha!  Can anyone think of a creative use for it? I don't know has pretty lines, but after all, it *IS* a...toilet.

Clawfoot tub area;

The future bookcase wall of the STUDY...

(and there is a "NOOK" with a window, off the study...didn't get a great pic of it yet)

Then the TRANSOM on the MASTER SUITE ENTRY HALL WALL, going from the STUDY entering the MASTER SUITE - installed to let some natural light into the master bath behind it:

Some of the BEADBOARD CEILINGS - as of yet, not painted/finished:

and some of the hardwood floors, which will be either repaired, sanded, and stained...or replaced, depending on which room:

Sooooooooo...........that's a little preview of the rooms, only I didn't include the guest bedroom shots.  Another day.  Or should I say another wee hours of the morning when all normal people are in bed asleep.  I *have* to go to bed.

Can't WAIT to be able to post MORE shots of the actual rooms all done!  Or at least being painted/stained/woodwork going on.... it's a process.

A looong, hot process.   That we are SO excited about!

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1. Connie Reynolds said on 7/9/11 - 08:05AM
Wow, you two! What an undertaking! I know from watching what you did with the house on Oak that you will do a wonderful job on every single detail. I am truly in awe of your energy and drive in wanting to accomplish this. I'm already anticipating your next pictures!
2. Paula - Little Loft Proprietress said on 7/9/11 - 09:03AM
Thanks, Connie! I know, the Oak Street house was such a treasure, and a fond memory - of Meredith, our girls, so many more! We were laughing yesterday, remembering when Tracy, Tif and I -- would hold (2 of us) a 'safety net' (a sheet) down in the foyer, while the other 1 of us would drop Huggles the cat down from that 2nd story landing, to see if he would 'land on his feet'. He always did. Poor kitty. : ) There was some loud meowing happening! You MUST come see the LOFT when done! Hugs, Paula

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