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Here We Go...

by Loft Proprietress on 02/23/10

(Note:  This first post actually should be dated 3-27-2011; can't figure out how to change the time from Feb 2010, when I first began thinking about blogging...)

Here is the deal on our 'new journey' of historic renovation: 

About 15 years or so ago, my husband and I bought this beautiful old building in Frederick, Oklahoma from my Daddy, who had run his business there for over 50 years...55 to be exact.  We had already restored a knockout gorgeous old 3-story Victorian home in Texas, and so saw the potential of the wonderful second floor of this circa 1903 former Bank Building-turned-office-building (the loft!) - a second floor that Daddy used mostly for storage.  To actually decide to DO spend the go for it. *Gulp*.  Still...we just can't resist! It is a 'labor of love', and we never have any intention of selling about "places of the heart"...!  This definitely holds a HUGE place in our hearts.  

Here are our thoughts on the reasons why we want to do it:

**This little town was good to us. We both love it. It's streets are filled with wonderful's homes and businesses are filled with wonderful people. It's FUTURE...we filled with wonderful opportunity!  It was "MAYBERRY" in the 1950s and 60s when we grew up there...and we owe it something.  Hopefully our revitalizing this wonderful old building will be good for this town we love. 

**Another thing MANY things change.  People move so often, jobs change, houses change, kids grow up & move away, bodies change, we grow old, we lose ones we love, life's seasons change.  But...with this building...IT IS STILL THERE.  Even through all the years and all the changes -- that the town has undergone, that we have undergone.  It's a part of my heart.  I remember playing there as a child, in the upstairs.  I will always remember that my parents ran their business and were in this building for 55 years of my life...MOST of my life, up until 2007 when Daddy retired at age 86. that he's 90 and Mother's gives me a sense of 'home' that fortunately, my husband feels too.  He adores my parents, he adores me, and he is willing to work hard, spend his/our money revitalizing this old building...just because he loves me. When the time comes that we no longer have our parents living...we feel like we'll always have a sense of their presence, because of the building -- even more than the memories, gratitude and love that we'll always feel.

And so...even as we 'change' this building to a more beautiful state of being...the feeling is 'some things NEVER change'.  The sense of home, of roots.

**My folks are elderly, my husband's mother is in a nursing home in the same town, and we want our own place so that we can be there part-time.  Our kids are grown, busy with their own kids, and we have the time to do this.  So if our thought was that we owe our little hometown something...multiply that times a million -- and you might have a fraction of what we owe our parents. 

**We think this little town has a BIG future!  We think it could build on the start of city leaders and concerned citizens, all of whom are also visionaries...and become even more of a 'destination' small town.  A piece of history, a charming, artsy, weekend 'drive-down-from-OKC' ( or 'up-from-DFW' ) kind of town.  It already has events that people from all over the state and country flock to several times a year... it has talented artists and could easily become a magnet for more!  It has lovely old downtown buildings which could follow our lead...and become wonderful, restored, historic architectural treasures -- filled with life, flowers, business, art, music, and more. What a fabulous town for this to happen! 


Sooo...enough for now.  It's March 27, 2011, and we are SERIOUSLY underway with the demolition, wall framing, electricians and plumbers bringing everything up to 2011's on the way.  Like I said...HERE WE GO...

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1. Loft Proprietress... said on 3/29/11 - 07:23AM
Checking to make sure the new BLOG comments works...
2. Loft Proprietress... said on 3/29/11 - 07:24AM
It works! Love to hear YOUR thoughts...
3. Cathy in TX said on 4/5/11 - 06:03AM
Paula...looks great! Want to see this when done!
4. Janet (Oakley) Gossett said on 4/5/11 - 08:20PM
This is a wonderful way to honor your parents. My Mom passed away in January and I sure miss her. My Dad was a builder in Frederick and had the Oakley Paint & Supply Store. I remember getting a charm bracelet from Hughes on my 13th birthday, I think it was. This is a wonderful idea. Good luck to you and will be making a trip to Frederick to see what you've done when it's complete.
5. Paula said on 4/8/11 - 01:05PM
Thanks, Janet. I can only imagine how you must miss her. I'm so glad you have memories of the store! So do I, MANY have mentioned their treasured things that came from the store, and Mother and Daddy. Very special to us!
6. Paula said on 4/8/11 - 01:05PM
Cathy...thank you!
7. Connie said on 7/9/11 - 07:22AM
This is absolutely precious! Oh, I feel the love here, see the love.... What a tribute of love and thankfulness to your parents!!! The song "Satisfied" is very touching!!! I would love to see this upon completion! So proud for you and Paul. You two are such great visionaries! Love you!
8. Liz Dailey said on 7/11/11 - 07:14AM
Your loft is wonderful and you will enjoy many special moments during your journey to finish this fine residence. It is so interesting to learn about te progress you are making! I am going outdoors to walk and do a rain dance for Southwestern Oklahoma! Blessings to you!!
9. Peggy Duvall said on 7/11/11 - 11:16AM
Can't wait to see it finished. Lots of hard work! Andra, Lisa, Nanette, Renee, Nancy and I all want to come visit when you're done.
10. WeDonna Covington Flores said on 7/12/11 - 06:10PM
I've read every word and looked at every picture. May go back and do it again right now!!!! I love what you're doing Paula. It's going to be fabulous!
11. Paula said on 7/12/11 - 06:52PM
Oh WeDonna, you are so kind. Thanks for checking us out! While you're at it, 'like' our Facebook page by the same name! Can't wait for you to see it when done!
12. Paula said on 7/12/11 - 08:08PM
Liz, thank you! They had a prayer meeting this morning (we're not in OK) and then this aft around RAINED! WOW! You must come see when done! Peggy, you ladies, my Denton buddies, will always be welcome! Can't wait to get it done and have you all come up to see it! Paula

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