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Heart to heart...

by Loft Proprietress on 04/05/11

This will be a 'short and sweet' one... just was reminded of how important it is to let people know how much we love them.  This reminder came when I stumbled back over recording artist JEWEL's video of her song, "SATISFIED".   Thanks, CMT. And you can see and listen to the video on this page, below left...WELL worth the listen -- you might need a hanky. I did.

What a lovely reminder...to pick up the phone to call those you love; to hug that precious one you live with and love every day, but maybe don't always tell them; to do it while you can.

I thought this might be appropriate, since it's right in keeping with one of the MAIN REASONS we're doing our 'Little Loft' in the first place...how much we love my parents.  

Just a little part of Jewel's lyric says...

"...did you say it, did you mean it...did you lay it on the line, did you make it count?     Did you look 'em in the eye 'n did they feel it?  Did you SAY IT IN TIME, did you say it out loud? 'Cause if you did, hon...then you've lived some...and that feeling inside...that's called SATISFIED."

What a poignant message...and what proof that beautifully written (& delivered)  music can indeed touch the soul, melt the heart...and change the person.

I was particularly struck by 'DID YOU SAY IT IN TIME?'    So, if you still can, call your parents and tell them how much you love them. Or your children. Or whoever you need to call.

Just sayin'....you never know. 

So THERE!  A little 'straight from the heart' of LITTLE LOFT...

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